The physics teacher that sweeps the networks with his experiments in class


More than 24 million views, about half a million retweets … David Wright is already a celebrity on the Internet thanks to a video that a student of his shared on Twitter. This is a 69-year-old Physics professor who does not hesitate to resort to crazy experiments to Improve the experience of your pupils.

Wright teaches at Tidewater Community College in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and always manages to surprise his students: flares with an experiment, getting on a skateboard and be propelled by a giant slingshot, lying on a bed of nails or making ice cream in class are some of the activities that this teacher puts into practice to delight his children.

This teacher was awarded by the State of Virginia in 2002 and in addition to his classes, he works as a scientific consultant and screenwriter for the television program NASA Science Files.

He has also done physics demonstrations in theme parks and has visited the program Saturday night Live.

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