The Prosecutor's Office, in favor of releasing 3 CDRs on bail who did not handle explosive materials


The Prosecutor of the National Court has expressed itself in favor of allowing the bail of three of the members of the Defense Committees of the Republic (CDR) investigated by terrorism, the three that, according to the investigation, did not have direct contact with explosive precursor materials, as reported by the Public Ministry.

Is about Xavier Buigas, Guillem Xavier Duch and Eduard Garzón, for whom prosecutor Miguel Ángel Carballo proposes a bail of 9,000 euros for each in the brief in which he answers the appeals filed by the defenses and that now the Criminal Chamber will have to resolve.

All three are investigated at the National Court for alleged crimes of membership in terrorist group, manufacture and possession of explosives and conspiracy to wreak havoc. None of the three wanted to respond to the prosecutor and the investigating judge, Manuel García Castellón, after his arrest.

The Parliament asks for your freedom

This Public Ministry report is produced just one day after the Catalan Parliament approved a motion for a resolution by JxCat, ERC and CUP that called for "immediate freedom" and the file of the case against the nine CDRs arrested on September 23 – seven of whom went to prison. The initiative had the votes in favor of the independence parties, the abstention of the communs and the rejection of the rest.

The motion for a resolution maintains that there has been a violation of fundamental rights and of the procedural guarantees of the detainees, who ask to investigate, and demand that, while they remain in preventive detention, the defendants are transferred to Catalan prisons. He also claims that the investigation is part of a general cause against independence.

In any case, the Prosecutor's Office has ruled in favor, for the moment, of allowing three of the seven incarcerated in the Madrid prison of Soto del Real Provisional release by paying a bond of 9,000 euros each.

It is not a gesture

The Public Ministry has affirmed that this new position in the case of the CDR investigated for terrorism, in which Prosecutor Carballo has always defended preventive detention for detainees is not no gesture to the Government of Pedro Sánchez in the framework of the negotiations for the investiture.

According to the summary of actions to which Europa Press had access, Xavier Buigas was the person designated for plan, develop and take the necessary steps To carry out the actions of the group and in fact, it was the one who communicated to another member of the ERT (Tactical Response Team), the organization to which they allegedly belonged, that a secret group, called "Catalan CNI", had been put in contact with him to provide the necessary logistics infrastructure in order to occupy the Parliament of Catalonia, and defend it later.

Duch is placed in charge of the acquisition of unregistered phone cards, such as those who were intervened at home. "It would occupy a preeminent position in the internal structure of the Tactical Response Team, being in charge of the custody and custody of the telecommunications equipment used to maintain secure communications during the performance of its actions," says the Civil Guard.

As for Garzón, one of the known as 'the nine of Lledoners' who poured oil on the road to the passage of the police convoy that transferred to the prisons of Madrid to the political leaders of 'procés' on February 1, the Civil Guard concludes in the summary that it is "the second member with the highest prisoner within the organization criminal ", because it is responsible for logistics, economy and coordination between the" two cells "into which the ERT is divided, the so-called executing nucleus (production of explosives) and the producing nucleus (obtaining money to acquire material).

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