The PSOE closes the way to a greater role of Ana Pastor with the entry of Vox in the Table of Congress


Between the reproaches that have been launched on Tuesday the matchs in the session of constitution of the Congress by the election of the members of the Bureau, the cross accusations and even the surprise of a draw among elected vice secretaries, one of the main harmed by the entrance of Vox in the Table is the former president of the Chamber, Ana Pastor. If the PSOE had accepted the last pact that was proposed with the green light of PP and Citizens, the popular deputy could have been first vice president and, as such, to have had greater prominence when replacing Meritxell Batet, That will continue to be president. Now, Pastor will be vice president, but second.

Finally, Vox will be present at the Bureau of Congress, the governing body of the Chamber. Those of Santiago Abascal will have the fourth vice presidency as a consequence that PSOE and PP have not agreed to stop Vox, for different reasons. The popular rejected the proposal of the PSOE to lay a sanitary cord and, at the last minute, the socialists did not accept an alternative pact because I would have done them lose the first vice presidency of the camera. In that case, Pastor, deputy of the PP and president of the Chamber between 2016 and 2019, who would have recovered much of the role, as Batet substitute would have played.

More symbolic than effective

The Vox's presence at the Bureau of Congress will be more symbolic than effective. With a single vote of the nine which has this body – presidency, four vice presidencies and four secretariats -, Ignacio Gil Lázaro is not expected to be decisive to admit or not regulations, writings or parliamentary documents or decide on their processing.

Any initiative that the vice president of Vox would like to take it would collide with the majority of PSOE and Unidos Podemos, which total six of the nine votes, in one of the surprises of the morning, because the purples have risen with two secretariats instead of one planned. The other of the four secretariats has been for the PP.

The presence of Vox will be important because it means that the majority of the Congress normalizes the deputies of the extreme right -something that this Tuesday has made ERC and JxCAT join PSOE and Unidos Podemos to try to avoid it, without success-. As a side effect, it supposes subtract prominence to Pastor, of the PP, that if the possibility of an agreement for which Citizens has advocated until this morning – two posts for the PSOE, in addition to the presidency, three for United We Can, two for the PP and one for Citizens – would have been successful the main substitute in the presidency of the Plenary in the absence of Batet.

The PSOE feared losing the position

In recent days, PSOE sources had warned of risk involved in this match seeking an agreement, either with PP and Citizens, or with the other groups of the Chamber, in order to exclude Vox. As they pointed out, I was at stake lose the first vice presidency, that they have finally managed to retain, even at the cost of not closing any agreement that will leave Vox off the table. Before the vote on Tuesday, Citizens sources already warned that the Socialists had preferred to have the first vice presidency to avoid Vox.

According to the regulations of the Congress, “the vice presidents, by their order, replace the president, exercising his functions in case of vacancy, absence or impossibility of it. They also perform any other functions entrusted to them by the President or the Bureau. ” In this way, if the PSOE had lost the first vice president, who Ana Pastor would have occupied, it would have been the popular former president of the House the main one in charge of supplying Batet.

In the end, and with Vox through, this position will be played by the socialist Alfonso Rodríguez Gómez de Celis, that in the last legislature he was second vice-president -a pact PSOE-United We can gave first to the purple deputy Gloria Elizo– and that a leader very close to Pedro Sanchez.

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