"The queen is dead." The message received from millions of Britons, which has proven to be as serious as possible. PHOTO


Millions of UK citizens received messages last week suggesting Queen Elizabeth II had died. The messages were massively distributed on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter, with information also climbing the top of Google searches and forcing Buckingham Palace to announce whether the 93-year-old monarch is still alive, writes The Guardian.

Several Royal Navy officials have taken responsibility for WhatsApp messages, sparking rumors that the Queen of Britain has died from a heart attack, informs The Guardian.

The rumor surfaced on Sunday, after a screenshot from a WhatsApp group was posted on Facebook and Twitter.

The capture showed an alleged conversation between the military, one of the people saying that "The Queen died this morning, a heart attack, will be announced at 09.30 tomorrow."

Also, the screenshot provided details of the instructions that the security forces should have followed. However, another person is skeptical and writes that he sent a message to a guard for confirmation.

However, after the incident went viral, the press reported that it was all just a military exercise that went wrong.

Military personnel at the Yeovilton Royal Navy Base were conducting an exercise for Operation London Bridge, the code name that will be used when the Queen of Britain comes to an end.

It seems that a person received the message, and then would have sent it further, believing it to be real.
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