The Romanian stock market returns to growth. Message from the UK: …


After 4 corrections sessions, in the context of a favorable day for risk assets at international level, the BET index from BVB had an advance of 1%, even though the volumes were not important. Above average transactions with securities listed in recent years.

Overnight, investors on the world's stock exchanges received news of a UK outflow from the European Union perhaps early next year. Prime Minister Boris Johnson comfortably won for the Conservative Party the first parliamentary elections in December 1923, the equivalent of a new Brexit vote after the June 2016 major.

The markets have received this moment well, probably as a clarification for a problem whose denomination has delayed too much even from the point of view of the British electorate. "That's enough! Let's finish the job! ”Is Johnson's message taken by UK citizens and accepted by market investors.

Overnight, the pound has strengthened by over 2.5% against the US dollar and even after the day's withdrawal is trading at the highest values ​​in the last year and a half. The surge in the pound, highlighted by the accompanying graph, has overlapped with a fierce appreciation of futures contracts on the world's leading stock indexes, already on a momentum after US President Donald Trump announced he was "very close" to reaching an agreement trade with China.

The Romanian stock market returns on growth with a consistent jump on the shares of Banca Transilvania. Message from the UK accepted by market investors: "Reach! Let's finish the job! ”

By contagion, the closures were on the "green" line: + 0.67% for the Euro Stoxx 50 index, + 1.10% for the FTSE index in London, + 0.59% for the CAC40 index in Paris, +0 , 46% for the DAX30 index in Frankfurt, + 0.21% for the WIG20 index in Warsaw, + 0.83% for the BUX index in Budapest and + 0.15% for the PX index in Prague.

It is the climate that brought the Romanian stock exchange back to growth because the first 4 sessions of the week were corrections. titles Bank of Transylvania (TLV) led the return, on the first trading activity of the day, of 4.56 million lei, with a jump of 2.59%, up to the price of 2,5750 lei / share, which places the market capitalization of the credit institution at 13 , 43 billion lei (2.81 billion euros). The other liquid bank action from BVB share, a BRD Group Société Générale (BRD), it was also appreciated by 1.04%, up to the price of 15.48 lei / share, on the basis of exchanges of about 785,000 lei.

It is the movements that have restored the main clues in the area of ​​post-crisis highs. Thus, the BET Plus composite index rose 1.02%, and the BET representative index gained 1.03%, to the level of 9,880.42 points. From a technical point of view, the recent correction did not hurt the trend. The relative low reached Thursday is higher than the previous one since the end of November, which keeps the sequence of highs and lows ever higher, according to Dow's theory. Also, the trading week reconfirmed the exponential 21-day moving average (EMA21) as robust dynamic support as it has been throughout the upward trend this year. It was tried for the first time by investors, after the formation of the "3 black crows", which usually betrays a determination of the sellers.

The Romanian stock market returns on growth with a consistent jump on the shares of Banca Transilvania. Message from the UK accepted by market investors: "Reach! Let's finish the job! ”

The day was not as positive as the growth momentum shows. The turnover of the stock market was only 22.29 million lei (4.66 million euros), half of the average of last year which brought Romania's promotion to the emerging market status. Also, the momentum was lacking in a series of liquid actions. On some like Romgaz Mediaș (SNG) the milestone of transfers of 1 million lei was not exceeded, and in the case Fondul Proprietatea (FP) even a decline of 0.42% was recorded, up to the price of 1.1800 lei / share, against the backdrop of transactions of 2.96 million lei. This is the reason why the BET-FI financial index outperformed the market, with an advance of 0.25%, to the level of 46,448.74 points, unlike the other sectoral index, BET-NG, which measures the evolution of the shares of the companies in the field. energy and utilities, which had an appreciation of 0.97%.

The exchange had, in contrast, new stars. Thus, the titles Sphera Franchise Group (SFG), the company that operates the public food chains Pizza Hut and KFC, rose 0.54%, up to the price of 18.50 lei / share, on the second turnover of the day, of 3.78 million lei. Also a recently listed title, al MedLife (M), increased by 2.13%, to the price of 33.50 lei / share, on volumes equivalent to 2.82 million lei. The medical service provider announced this week a new acquisition, namely the acquisition of one of the most modern oncological centers in Romania, the Oncocard Diagnostic and Treatment Center (Oncocard) in Brasov, a business last year of almost 9 million euros and 150 employees. .

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