The Russian Grand Prix of F1, collateral victim of the doping sanction to the country


Suspicion of continued use of state doping in its athletes has made Russia be sanctioned with the greatest punishment in the history of sport: four years of exclusion of top-level events. This punishment includes the organization of competitions, which has set off alarms in a sport that is not usually identified with these types of issues: Formula 1.

Stock image of the Olympic flag (left), waving next to the Russian flag.

The statement of the World Anti-Doping Agency it's very clear: Russia won't be able to organize or present candidacy to host any major event (world championships and Olympic Games included) or raise their flag in any high-level sporting event. What position is the Russian Grand Prix, one of the races confirmed for next year's calendar?

The promoters of the race, which is played precisely in the Sochi Olympic Park where the 2014 Winter Olympics, has issued a statement, sent to, calling for calm, not so much to the followers of the test as to the investors.

"The contract for the appointment in Russia of the Formula 1 World Cup It was signed in 2010, long before the circumstances investigated by the AMA. Is valid until 2025, and the Russian race is included in the FIA ​​calendar for 2020. If, after the appeal, the AMA urges the cancellation of the most important events, proving that it is possible legally and practically, it remains the same and refers to the Formula 1 Russian GP, ​​still there is no technical and legal possibility to eliminate and reallocate the Russian GP to another country. We trust that the Russian GP will take place in 2020 and in the following years, "they say.

The Russian event is scheduled for September 27, 2020, and is placed as the 17th of 22 World Cup races.

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