The sad story of the only person injured by a meteor


Ann Hodges went down in history on November 30, 1957 when he became the only person injured by the impact of a meteorite. It happened to her while she was asleep at her house in Sylacauga.

Then she was 31 years old and was sleeping on her sofa when something woke her startled. Had been hit in the side And the whole room was full of dust. At first he believed that the chimney of his house had collapsed causing all that.

However, what had actually happened was that it had been impacted by a fragment of four kilos of a meteorite that had split in two, becoming the only person who has suffered to date an incident of these characteristics and is that the chances of something like this happening are even less than that of being struck by lightning. Specifically one in 1.6 million, explain from ABC.

Ann Hodges was hospitalized, but the worst would not come for that injury, which was not serious, but for everything that involved her story later. First, a battle for rock custody was opened. Custodied at first by the Air Forces, they promised to return it to Hodges after analyzing it, but the landlady claimed it, resolving everything in the courts, who gave the rock to the protagonist of this story, who had to pay $ 500 for damages to his landlady.

The rock would end up in the Natural History Museum of Alabama after years serving as paperweight for Ann and her husband after failed marriage attempts to sell it. Ann Hodges did not earn money, but fame, a fame that would end up taking its toll, leading to mental problems and pathologies that led her, first, to divorce 10 years after the impact and ending in a psychiatric with 52 years where died when suffering from kidney failure.

The other fragment that fell in Sylacauga and its owner, a farmer named Julius Kempis McKinney, ran a very different fate. After contacting a lawyer, this farmer managed to sell the stone and buy a house and a car.

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