The Sala Caracol in Madrid apologizes for hosting a far-right concert


The Sala Caracol of Madrid has apologized for hosting last night a concert of extreme right and has assured that it will undertake legal actions against the organizers for "cheating" about the nature of it.

In a statement, the administration of the Madrid hall says that it realized that the concert was extreme right when minutes before the opening, National Police agents entered and asked about the announced event and verified that the information did not match that the organizers had provided.

"The Police informs us that indeed because of the public that arrived at the premises it was an extreme right-wing event and that they recommended moving forward with it, since they themselvess are not considered eligible to offer protection and security so that we could cancel the event, "says the administration.

The agents, according to the statement of the room, argued that the "neighborhood itself could be affected with protests and violent attitudes caused by such cancellation. "

"Given the margin of reaction and zero support to cancel the event, we were forced to perform the concert," said the statement of the Sala Caracol, who wants to remember that his spirit has rejected for 27 years any type of ideology, racist, xenophobic and against Human Rights.

Thus, those responsible for the Chamber ensure that they have felt cheated and will take legal action against the organizers: "We have everything documented", they affirm.

"The deception it has been the modus operandi that this organization has used to ensure that we do not realize its ideology, "abounds the Chamber.

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