The US House concludes that Trump abused his power in the case of Ukraine and recommends the 'impeachment'


US President Donald Trump abused his power by pressing Ukraine to investigate Democrats and obstructed congressional investigation against him, concluded on Tuesday a report of the lower house that will serve as a basis for opening a probable political trial (impeachment) against the president.

The allegation against Trump, published by the Intelligence Committee of the Lower House after an investigation of more than two months, will help the Judicial Committee of the Chamber to decide whether to write charges against the president and recommends that a political trial be initiated against him.

"The evidence of the president’s negligence is overwhelming, and so are the evidence of its obstruction to Congress, "says the 300-page report written by the Democratic opposition.

The Lower House, or House of Representatives, is, together with the Senate (Upper House), one of the two bodies that make up the United States Congress.

A campaign of "several months"

The document recounts the alleged "multi-month campaign" of the White House to get the Ukrainian government to publicly announce a investigation of one of Trump's possible rivals In the 2020 elections, former US Vice President Joe Biden.

"(Trump) tried to undermine the integrity of the United States presidential election process and endangered national security " from his country by "subverting foreign policy towards Ukraine," emphasizes the Intelligence Committee.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, speaks by phone from the oval office.

According to the report, there was a "crescendo drastic" in pressures on Ukraine since Trump's call in July to the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenski, and until the issue came to light in September thanks to the complaint of an anonymous informant.

In that period, senior US officials – including the vice president Mike Pence and the secretary of state Mike Pompeo- they were involved in "an attempt to extract from a foreign country the political benefits that the president was looking for, "says the text.

"To convince the Ukrainian president to make him dirty electoral work, President Trump conditioned two official acts to a public announcement of the (Biden) investigations: a quoted visit to the White House and crucial military assistance that Ukraine needed to fight against Russia, "summarizes the report.

The order came from the top

Trump has denied that the suspension this year of the delivery of almost 400 million dollars in aid to Ukraine or its reluctance to schedule a meeting with Zelenski had to do with his insistence that Kiev investigate Biden.

However, almost a dozen witnesses have pointed out during the investigation that they did, and the report alleges that the person responsible for that blackmail to Ukraine is the president himself, and not only figures close to him, as his lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

George Kent, deputy assistant secretary of state responsible for politics for Ukraine, and Bill Taylor, interim US ambassador to Ukraine, before testifying in the US lower house.

"Multiple witnesses have testified that the conditioning of a meeting in the Oval Office to the announcement of investigations to benefit the president's re-election campaign it came from the top: from President Trump, " Point to the text.

The report also accuses Trump of orchestrating a "unprecedented" effort toobstruct the investigation against him in Congress, an accusation that can give rise to a specific charge or article of political judgment on that subject.

Trump is "the first and only president in American history who openly and indiscriminately defies all aspects of the process constitutesl for a political trial, by ordering all federal agencies and officials not to comply with voluntary or mandatory requests "of Congress, he says.

Risk of more foreign interference in 2020

Although some key witnesses, such as former presidential adviser John Bolton, are still waiting for a court to decide whether they should cooperate with the investigation, the Intelligence Committee explained that it has decided not to take its report any longer because he fears that Trump will again request foreign influence in the elections.

The president of the US Lower Chamber, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, announces the start of a political impeachment trial against US President Donald Trump.

"By declaring that his call with Zelenski was 'perfect', President Trump has demonstrated a willingness to use the power of your office to seek foreign interference in our next elections. Given that threat (…), we cannot wait "to get more testimonies, the report says.

The president of the Intelligence Committee, Democrat Adam Schiff, also said at a press conference that he is "seriously concerned" that if Congress "accepts" what Trump did, not only "invites more corruption of the elections by this president, but also by the next ".

Trump, who had called Schiff a few hours earlier "maniac" and a "deranged human" with complexes, he did not personally react to the report, but his spokesman, Stephanie Grisham, said the document looks like "the diatribe of a blogger," because "There is no proof of anything."

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