there is no kiss, the dwarfs are of both sexes and several races …


Stephan Kalinski, a 38-year-old Berliner, has decided to create a new version of the popular Grimm brothers' tale Snow White and adapt it to modern times. In his version, the prince and Snow White do not marry, there is no kiss, the protagonist is empowered and the seven dwarfs are of various ethnicities and both sexes, the Daily Mail.

The author had the idea when he told the story to his daughter Lena, who is now 5 years old. "Snow White it's about good versus evil, but in essence I was teaching my daughter that the important thing is to be beautiful and that your self-esteem revolves around beauty, to do housework and wait to be saved. That seems bad to me and I don't want him to grow up believing that the important thing in his life is his appearance. That's why I started changing words, "explains Kalinski, who ended up rewriting the story.

The differences with the original story are remarkable: Snow White was raised by a single father until he married the evil queen. This one does not envy the beauty of Snow White, but his bravery. In the original story, the woodcutter who was going to kill the protagonist forgives his life, but in this version, it is Snow White who escapes.

One of the most notable differences is the conception of the seven dwarfs. In this version they are from both sexes and of different ethnicities: There is a Latino, a Japanese, a sub-Saharan, a Muslim from the Middle East, a Chinese, a European and a dwarf of ambiguous sex and of Indian origin.

The apple is not poisoned, but Snow White chokes on it. Thus, the prince does not kiss her When he rescues her, he takes out the piece of fruit trapped in his throat.

And the end of the story does not include any wedding: Snow White and the prince they are just friends They decide to travel all over the world.

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