"There is time to fight against climate change, not to doubt"


Felipe VI has urged the participants in the Madrid climate summit to act with leadership in the fight against global warming, a task he has been convinced that is still on time, but not to doubt.

"No border can protect us from the effects of climate change. We must act with leadership and determination. Yes, there is still time, but there is no time to doubt; yes, there is hope, but also a lot of work to be done and it is very possible that several generations will be needed to achieve it, "said the king before the heads of State and Government attending the COP25 summit.

The leaders of the COP25 move in electric cars

The monarch has offered a reception together with Queen Letizia in the Royal Palace, the leaders attending this event and the heads of the other delegations.

In his speech, almost entirely in English, the king has remembered the motto of the summit, "It is time to act", and stressed that the Paris Agreement should guide efforts against climate change.

To do this, it has appealed to each of those who, in one way or another and to the extent of their responsibilities, They have the ability to guide and facilitate the shift towards a development model that is environmentally friendly and compatible with the limits of the planet.

The pin of Pedro Sánchez.

"The fight against climate change represents a golden opportunity and we must seize the occasion", he added before stressing that ecology and the economy are not incompatible, but quite the opposite. In line with this, he stressed that climate ambition is the impulse to achieve a cohesive society and a competitive economy that leaves no one behind.

For the king, it is clear that the most vulnerable people they are the most affected by the impact of global warming, aggravating the risks and causes of social inequality, poverty and hunger.

"We cannot, we must not stop giving the world an effective, ambitious and multilateral response to the greatest environmental, social and economic danger facing the human race: the planet itself ", has added.

The king has stressed that for the Spanish Government the response to climate change is more solidarity and joint decisions to achieve shared solutions based on the clear, reliable and solid warnings of science.

A solidarity that has specified that it must be beneficial both for those who suffer most the effects of climate change As for future generations, he has said that they have every right to demand a better planet.

In that context, he pointed out that we must combat causes and consequences of climate change, promote a necessary transformation of the economy, production models and consumption patterns, and establish an adequate plan for cost redistribution.

The confidence of Chile and the UN for Spain to host this summit has been grateful for the king, which has stressed the country's commitment to facilitate a constructive dialogue and embroider together the fight against climate change as one of the greatest challenges facing humanity.

He has also praised the work done by the UN secretary general, Antonio Guterres -present in the act-, so that the Madrid meeting is possible and the collaboration of institutions, national public services, private sector and NGOs.

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