They ask to exhume the body of the man who took the password to the grave to access 123 million in cryptocurrencies


Last year, Gerry Cotten, founder of the QuadrigaCX cryptocurrency exchange platform, died suddenly in India due to complications of his Crohn's disease. His death led to the dissolution of the company, but beyond that, he assumed that with him, the passwords for access to digital wallets containing 137 million dollars were going to the grave, about 123 million euros, in cryptocurrencies. Now, some lawyers want to exhume his body.

The BBC informs that lawyers represent the users of the broken platform. The exhumation request has been made to the Canadian authorities and behind it is the rumor that Cotten did not die, but faked his death to run away with the millions and avoid justice.

The lawyers want to be confirmed so much body identity As the cause of death.

An external audit revealed that QuadrigaCX, which had 115,000 users, was managed with numerous irregularities. Cotten had created accounts using pseudonyms to trade or exchange funds. In addition, it was revealed that a substantial part of the funds were personally transferred to Cotten and other related parties. The audit allowed to rescue 25 million dollars (22.5 million euros).

Cotten's widow, Jennifer RobertsonHe showed his affliction for the opening of this process and assured that Cotten's death should not be doubted and that he was not sure how confirmation of death "could help in the process of recovering property."

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