They denounce that a 20-year-old girl lives in a container at the door of the CETI in Melilla after being denied asylum


The Melilla Prodein Association has warned this Sunday that a 20-year-old immigrant is sleeping at the doors of the Temporary Immigrant Stay Center (CETI) "in a container", when he was refused entry into the reception center after his asylum application in Spain had been rejected.

Its president, José Palazón, explained "three months ago Hind was expelled from the CETI when his asylum application was denied and since then Lives in the street, in a dumpster. "

Palazón said that "she is the only girl who is outside the CETI" and has assured that "a few days after being expelled, Moroccan women with and without asylum applications they started getting an exit permit to the peninsula. "

Instead, he has criticized that this immigrant of Moroccan origin has been denied the request and since then in addition to sleeping on the street, she has to request solidarity from other immigrants to feed. "This 20 year old girl waits at the door of the CETI of Melilla Somebody give him something to eat and some clothes because it's very cold, "Palazón said.

In this regard, the president of the human rights defender association has stressed that "Hind has many friends within the CETI and outside that we will not let them abandon her in the helpless that you have right now. "

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