They find a polar bear with a graffiti on the side with the name of a Russian tank


He T-34 was a Russian fighter car model which was an advantage for the Russian army during World War II. So that tank became a national icon and pride, to the point that armored cars of that model are used as monuments in many places.

Maybe that's why some unscrupulous people decided it would be fun to write T-34 on the side of a polar bear, just as some explorers discovered that traveled through the North Pole.

In the recording it can be seen that at the beginning the discoverers think that the bear is dirty, until the animal approaches and they can read the letters clearly, at which point they begin to curse for cruelty.

Because the heavy joke is more harmful than it seems, because according to experts, spoil the animal's natural camouflage, his white color, which is dangerous both for him to be hunted and for him to hunt.

Also, to do something like that they had to sedate the animal, in circumstances that are unknown, given that graffiti, made with black spray, is relatively accurate.

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