They investigate if a woman injured herself to denounce her ex, sexist violence, now arrested


The National Police opened this Sunday an investigation to clarify a stabbing in Jaén a woman, now admitted to the hospital with a wound in the abdomen, and has arrested his ex-partner as the alleged author of the facts in what would be a case of gender violence. However, "Everything indicates that it is self-harm".

This has been indicated in an audio sent to the police sources, who report that the event occurred on Saturday afternoon in the Polígono del Valle, where a woman, who on previous occasions "has filed several false complaints against this man and has already tried on different occasions self-harm to accuse him directly to him, "he warned the health services of having been the victim of a stabbing in the abdomen by his ex.

Investigations suggest that it could have been the one that caused the injuries, since the wounds "did not deepen the abdomen."

Immediately, the woman entered a hospital in Jaén, where she remains this Sunday out of danger. At the same time, the police arrested his ex-partner, who is still arrested at the police station, waiting to go to court.

The same sources delve into the fact that they continue working for clarify what happened, taking testimony to witnesses of the facts and the ex-wife of the woman.

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