They look for the Senegalese "hero" who saved a disabled person in a fire in Denia climbing up the facade of the building


Dénia's neighbors look for a young "hero" of Senegalese nationality that last Friday saved a man with reduced mobility in the fire of his home in this town in northern Alicante.

The Councilor for Security, Javier Scotto, has reported that the fire occurred on the 6th at 12:24 a.m. at 7 Port Street, when a fire broke out. fire on the ground floor of a house with a height when on the first floor there was a 37-year-old resident with reduced mobility due to a leg problem.

The victim shouted for help and some neighbors tried to access the first floor but without success, and at that moment the Senegalese stranger appeared and, without hesitation, climbed the facade to the first height balcony.

Then, he entered the house and went out again with the victim on his shoulders to descend again on this occasion with the help of some stairs that had just been placed by neighbors. After lowering it, the Senegalese entered a nearby house of a woman to wash her hands and then, without further ado, He left the place without knowing where.

The victim was already stunned when this "hero" entered and with smoke inhalation symptoms, but His life is not in danger after being transferred to the hospital of La Fe, in Valencia.

According to the neighbors, the Senegalese, who has not been identified yet, resides in the neighboring town of Gandía (Valencia) and periodically goes to Dénia to sell at a craft stand. "The victim and the neighbors want to contact him to thank him. He did a heroic act very naturally and deserves public recognition, "according to the Councilor for Security, because" he avoided a situation that could be fatal. "

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