They present a study on Catalan poetics


* Jordi Marrugat's book will be shown this day at FIL Guadalajara

Mexico, December 5 (Notimex) .— The book Experimental Catalan Poetics. Study and anthology, which is presented today at the International Book Fair (FIL) of Guadalajara, offers an introductory analysis of the relationship between Catalan literature and the first avant-garde of the twentieth century to the present day. The volume, whose study and selection of works is responsible for Jordi Marrugat, emphasizes figures such as Junoy and Salvat-Papasseit, Joan Brossa, Guillem Viladot, Carles Hac Mor, Andreu Terrades, Bartolomé Ferrando, JM Calleja, Patrick Gifreu, and Perejaume, of which includes some original texts in Catalan and their translation into English. “This book does not offer an anthology of poems, but a selection of texts and plastic works that allow them to take charge of some« poetic »different from each other, but all based on the questioning of the literary and on the disappearance of borders between genres or between literature and plastic arts, ”said visual artist, performer, lecturer, editor and cultural revitalizer, Marrugat. In addition to the study, the work includes some sections such as tradition and Catalan literature, as well as the radicalization of the avant-garde: dada and surrealism; Catalan avant-garde reconstruction under the Franco dictatorship; the 1970s to the 21st century, and Catalan experimentalism, among others, reported in a statement. The text will be exhibited at 8:00 p.m. in the José Luis Martínez Room, with the participation of Jordi Marrugat; the title coordinator J. M. Calleja, and the editorial director of Ediciones del Lirio, Rubén Mendieta, which also contains a wide variety of facsimile images of visual poems linked to the stages and creators that are addressed throughout the pages. The creators active within the Catalan literary field are characterized by their willingness to transgress all kinds of established limits and conceptions. They began their trajectory within the great experimental wave that Catalan art and literature lived in the 60s.

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