They rule out that radon is behind cancer cases


The Community of Madrid has determined that the four cases of cancer that diagnosed as many officials of the courts of Colmenar Viejo they are not related to the presence of radon gas that was detected in these facilities last summer.

Radon gas can penetrate homes through cracks, pores in the ground, or through pipes and ducts.

When you had evidence of the presence of this element, which follows from the granitic soils on which the building stands, the Ministry of Justice, Interior and Victims hired a specialized company to make measurements. The results of these works have been known now and indicate that radon gas levels are "four times lower" than the maximum set by law and that the risk factor is "trivial or acceptable."

The company that made the measurements recommended that in the lower instances of the courts, a hollow chamber that is not a work place to be in direct contact with the granitic soil, be installed a ventilation system to reduce gas levels, a task that according to sources of the counseling has been fulfilled.

Image of a cyclist with a mask circulating in the streets of Madrid.

In addition to these analyzes, the Ministry commissioned a report to the Civil Service to determine if the cancer cases suffered by four officials were related to radon. This analysis has not found "scientific evidence" Let it be so. Moreover, according to Public Function, "it is not about rare tumors with respect to the general population and the distribution by age and sex". The Minister of Justice, Enrique López, was glad that the measurements have shown that Colmenar officials work "in a healthy environment."

As reported by the Ministry of Justice, following the protocol established by the Nuclear Safety Council, the measurements in the courts will continue until July 2020, when one year of radon detection in the courts is completed.

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