They seek to translate Mexican literature into Bengali


* Historian Dibyalyoti Mukhopadhyay emphasizes the cultural desire to create literary bridges between Mexico and India

By Evangelina del Toro

Mexico, December 14 (Notimex) .- The director of Indo Hispanic Language Academy, Dibyalyoti Mukhopadhyay, said there is great interest in translating various books by Mexican authors into the Bengali language. The member of the Center for Latin American Studies, Literature and Culture of the University of Jadavpur, commented that he has noticed a deep interest on the part of his students to know more about the current Mexico, although, he points out, it was Eighth Peace who mixed these countries in several ways and which he identifies as the best known writer in India. He also stressed that the new generation of young people buy books and write poems, coupled with the fact that many families in India continue to consider books as a special present at birthdays, celebrations or weddings. Specifically, he emphasized that his students want to learn to translate from Spanish to Bengali, and vice versa. Within the framework of the Literary Day in Bengali and Spanish, as part of the AMTA Festival: A meeting between Mexico and India, Mukhopadhyay said that during the next Book Fair in Calcutta, they will present the book Alma naked by the deputy María Teresa Maru Mejía, with which he won the National Poetry Prize Nezahualcóyotl 2017. The historian shared that said text was translated into Bengali, which represented for the public servant an honor to be a pioneer “in this walk of literature and especially in poetry, with the young people of India "and, he stressed," Mexico has much to give the people yet. " Finally, Mukhopadhyay shared that both countries have cultural and academic exchanges which grant scholarships so that Mexicans can stay for two or three years in India. Thus, opportunities to learn various elements of this Asian culture are broadened and, he affirms, "once Mexicans return to their country they can share knowledge and experiences acquired in our country," deepening the cultural exchange between nations.

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