Topics of the day: Hundreds of thousands of Romanians from the UK, spectators at crucial elections that will change their lives; A sports hall that cost 2 million lei, repaired with money three times more; The Romanian Academy, a brake for the modernization of Education – The topics of the day


Light to Romanians and Europeans. When, as Europeans, the sensation overwhelms us that the sun must be plucked from the forceps from the hide in December, the month that plunges the north into darkness, great light would be needed. But who will deliver it? Dying immediately after the equinox, Goethe would have asked, with his latest powers and words: "more light." In the age of globalization, an increase of light in Western heads seems more necessary than ever. But who can provide it? Politicians? Perhaps those who trust Russia and make agreements with it, although V. Putin indirectly admitted the involvement of Moscow in the state terrorist act of shooting, in Germany, a former Georgian rebel in Chechnya, who had requested asylum and what did the tsar call him a "terrorist"? Angela Merkel did well to talk to Putin in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian talks conducted in the Normandy format, despite this assassination, which severely affects bilateral relations, according to DW.
Hundreds of thousands of Romanians from the UK, spectators at crucial elections that will change their lives. "Many want to leave here, their uncertainty scares them. We will all be affected by Brexit. " The UK is holding legislative elections tomorrow, a crucial legislative ballot that will decide the fate of Brexit and will categorically affect the lives of Romanians living there now. There is a period of uncertainty ahead, so Liberty spoke to a few Romanians in the UK to see what they are expecting from these elections, what their fears are in relation to the inevitable Brexit and what they are doing in this regard. Almost half a million Romanians now live in the United Kingdom and attend, without voting rights, Thursday's legislative elections, writes Freedom.
A gym that cost 2 million lei, repaired with money three times more. A wrongly designed gym for a high school in Cluj-Napoca costs two million lei for construction and six million for repairs. A beam in the ceiling has moved and endangers the students, which is why high school students don't spend hours doing sports there. The City Hall is trying to convince the guilty company to repair what went wrong, but it refuses. Built to be the largest and most modern in the city, the gym in Cluj-Napoca has become a danger to the students. The ceiling is now supported by a forest of supporting pillars, Digi24 shows.
Everything on behalf of the mayor, in Sector 5! How Daniel Florea arrived in the Trade Register and on the banks of the students. Because neither the state institutions nor the Opposition prevented him, the social-democratic mayor of Sector 5, Daniel Florea, promoted his image wherever and wherever he liked. He gave the societies names that were easy to associate with his image as a politician, he also displayed the photograph on the gifts given to students in the sector. All because people do not forget who is just now, when the local elections are approaching. The names of some of the projects launched by the sector administration of the mayor Daniel Florea contain the word "# Facts". These include # Facts – Urban Regeneration at Twilight (project for the marginalized community in the area of ​​the same name) or #Facts Start for the Future, a cultural event, according to
Political class, 30 years after the Revolution. From Ceausescu to the local barons. For 30 years, Romania has been looking for its way, led by people whom we have designated by vote to be at the forefront. Basically, by vote, we entrust their fate to this country. History shows, however, that in the three decades since the Revolution, politicians have been more interested in power and less in our good. And, to stay there, they have often used manipulations and even the lives of innocent people. The late 1980s. Almost all Romanians belong to the Communist Party. All the policy is dictated by the Ceausescu family, and the decisions are unanimously voted in the Great National Assembly. No one dares to oppose it. It mimics democracy and, every 4 years, elections are organized, but each time in an almost absolute percentage, Nicolae Ceausescu is re-elected, reports Pro Tv News.
The Romanian Academy, a brake for the modernization of Education. The results of the PISA tests revealed, as a sunflower paper, a deep fall between the conceptions about the ultimate purpose of the school present in the Romanian society, and the first forum of the Romanian culture did not miss the opportunity to throw its palliative perspective into the debate: preserving a classic model of education, broken by the social context of educational results, but also by the constraints of vocational training. The pressure towards reducing the weight of theory in favor of practical skills presents "a high degree of danger", the Romanian Academy believes when it comes to the solutions that should be approached in the Romanian school after the disaster from the PISA tests, Adevărul shows.
An old man = an old man. In the subject of special pensions, it is not about pensions. Neither contributory, nor capping, nor taxing. 90% of the so-called special pensions belong to the military. So what are we talking about? The elimination of the "no-nonsense" pensions means a direct confrontation with the army. That PNL, following the example of the PSD of the last 30 years, will never trigger. Why? Well, because with the army you can give a coup, like that of December 22, 1989, with the civilians, even those from August 10, you can not, writes the Republic.

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