Trump congratulates Johnson on his "great victory" election


The president of the United States, Donald Trump, congratulated on Friday the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, for his "great victory" in the general elections held in the United Kingdom.

Trump said the two countries will sign "a new massive trade agreement" that will be much more beneficial than any pact that could be signed with the European Union.

"Congratulations to Boris Johnson for his great victory! The United Kingdom and the United States will now be free to reach a massive trade agreement after Brexit!" Trump wrote in a message published Friday in his personal social network account Twitter, after confirming the triumph of the conservatives.

The Conservative Party of British Prime Minister Boris Jonhson reached an absolute majority in the general elections held on Thursday in the United Kingdom, a victory that paves the way to run Brexit.

The Conservative Party obtained 364 (49 more than in 2017) of the 650 deputies of the House of Commons, a majority that will allow it to make the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union effective.

Meanwhile, the Labor Party of Jeremy Corbyn, the big loser of the electoral contest, won 203 seats.

Boris Johnson thus became the British prime minister who achieved the most overwhelming victory for conservatives in more than 30 years.

"Executing Brexit is now an irrefutable and undeniable mandate of the British. These results put an end to the miserable threats of a second referendum," Johnson said in a speech celebrating the conservative victory, the British BBC said.

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