Two prisoners die in 24 hours in the jail of Asturias


The prison of Asturias has registered this Sunday the death of another inmate after the death this Saturday of a prisoner who was in provisional prison awaiting trial for the crime of the cabinetmaker of Ciudad Naranco.

Specifically, this Sunday at the time of the meeting, an inmate of the module 6 of the Asturian prison, as pointed out by the trade union section in Asturias of the Association of Bodies of the Administration of Penitentiary Institutions, (ACAIP), UGT affiliated union.

"This lucid fact is the second that occurs in 24 hours, within the same context although we do not know the causes of death, until these are determined by the forensic anatomical institute, they say from the trade union organization, adding that "these unfortunate events do nothing but corroborate the shortage of personnel to carry out the daily activities of the prison, surveillance, treatment, medication dispensation, not allowing to offer a public service, such as the penitentiary, with the guarantees for the safety of inmates and workers as would be minimally enforceable and desirable. "

Thus, they require the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions and the Directorate of the Penitentiary Center of Asturias "to take the necessary measures so that these unfortunate events do not occur again"." We cannot question daily the physical integrity and life of inmates and workers, "they conclude.

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