Two wounded in a pitched battle between Ultras of Racing and Zaragoza


Two ultras groups of Racing de Santander and Real Zaragoza have starred in a camp battle in the Bozada neighborhood of the Aragonese city. Some 40 radical followers of the Zaragoza team and many others from the Cantabrian met on Castilla Street to undertake a massive fight.

The confrontation has resulted in two minor injuries, one from each hobby, and the intervention of the National Police to appease the mood. Those affected have not had to be treated by the ambulance that went to the scene, nor any of the participants in the fight wanted to present complaint, something that does arise some owner of establishments in the area affected by the incident.

Before the meeting in La Romareda, the police escorted the ultra Racing group until the buses in those who undertook the way back to Santander.

The match ended with a 2-0 local victory, with goals from Suárez and Javi Ros.

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