UK election, OFFICIAL results: historic victory for Boris Johnson


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has won the majority in the British Parliament, his Conservative party crossing the threshold of 326 seats out of the 650 of the House of Commons, according to official results released on Friday, AFP and Reuters reports.

After counting the results in 600 constituencies, the Conservatives hold 328 seats, according to data released by the BBC, Sky News and the Press Association (PA), which confirms the large conservative majority obtained and opens the way for the UK to leave the European Union at January 31st.

Liberal Democrat (pro-EU) leader Jo Swinson has lost his seat in the UK's early legislative elections Thursday, marked by a crushing victory by Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Jo Swinson, who had promised to cancel the Brexit if elected, was defeated in the East Dunbartonshire constituency, in the west of Scotland, by the candidate of the Scottish National Party (SNP), a party advocating for Scotland's independence.

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The result of the UK elections. Here's who won

Bogdan /
13 Dec 2019, 00:17

The Conservative party, of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, ranks first in the UK's anticipated parliamentary poll, shows the results of polls at the polls. The results also show a DISASTER for the Labor Party.

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