UK Elections – BREXIT. Deputy Daniel Gheorghe, analysis


PNL MP Daniel Gheorghe conducted an analysis, exclusively for DCNews, after the result of the UK elections. What does it mean for Europe, especially for EU countries, the result of the last UK elections?

Daniel Gheorghe: The outcome of the last UK election should put us all in the spotlight. Europe strives to remain captive of ideological formulas of the new relativist, secularizing and right-wing political left, which are rather against the fundamental values ​​on which European civilization was built and which have also been the basis of community building, and this should be ours. is thinking in the direction of reconstruction from an identity point of view, but especially from an institutional point of view of the European Union, at this moment, because the United Kingdom is currently in a position to implement Brexit.

In the UK we have a very special situation, compared to the rest of Europe.

We have two issues, first of all the huge bureaucracy that Brussels applies in relation to the Member States, and in terms of links at Community level, and this often-outrageous legal-administrative burden that we see in terms of Community legislation and all subsequent legal acts.

And then, the context of Europe, after the immigration crisis and what has happened in recent years, in which Europe has shown that it is practically incapable of defending its borders in the face of large migratory flows.

Now, the Conservative Party of Great Britain, let us not imagine that it is that historical party, that party of the values ​​of classical British civilization, that party that held firmly to what the Anglican Church means, what it means to the monarchy, what it means to freedom from worldwide, but compared to their competitors, they are more important.

The Conservative Party is the last credible, pragmatic and coherent party the British have. Which part of the political class in Romania did not understand the message of the last elections in the United Kingdom and who are the ones who lament the defeat of the Labor Party?

D. G.: I do not understand the false rightists, those who have a single ideology, hatred against the PSD and who come and shout some slogans of 30 years ago and feel dependent. We are talking about a small group of influencers, activists, people who many consider themselves right or center-right, some of them consider themselves conservative.

We are talking about those who assert themselves as new politicians, those who constantly practice a globalist discourse, an internationalist discourse in the terms of Lenin and Trotsky, but have passed very well through this sieve of the new post-modernist ideologies and who are trying to create a similar world. as utopian as the Marxist-Leninist world.

Beyond that, there are those who swear by the Romanian Orthodox Church or religious cults, those who believe that the nation state belongs to the past and should disappear, those who have attacked family values ​​and who considered being pro-Western means rejecting fundamental values. of society as it has existed for millennia. There are those who believe that democracy does not mean rights and freedoms, and rights and freedoms are only a luxury, those who believe that institutions of force are above the parliament and freedom of expression in a society.

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