Under what conditions could Romanians in the UK be affected after the victory of the Conservatives. The explanation of a political scientist


Over 400 thousand Romanians work and live in the United Kingdom, and with the victory of the Conservatives, Brexit goes in a straight line. The political scientist Cristian Pârvulescu explained to Digi24 in what conditions can be affected by the results of the parliamentary elections.

"The victory of the Conservatives means Brexit, it means that on January 31, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union and from there things will evolve depending on the internal situation in the country.

Right now Boris Johnson is a definitive winner. The Labor Party and the Free Democratic Party will have to change their leaders. The Free-Democrat Party did not even manage to improve its score, and its leader lost in the college where he applied.

There is a rather complicated situation in Scotland, where the Scottish National Party wins 13 terms. It seems clear that support for this party is in favor of Scotland's independence. So things seem to be clear in favor of Boris Johnson and Brexit, but they can also go along the lines of Scotland's independence.

As for the economic situation, the evolution will probably be at the first moment, due to the negative emotion, and then it will balance.

The negotiations that took place between Johnson's team and the European Commission mean that the Romanians in the UK do not suffer, but many remain unknown. What was clear from yesterday's elections is that a wave of nationalism has caught many colleagues and that this nationalism can influence future politics, ”explains Cristian Pârvulescu.

"Boris Johnson thought the campaign very well. It is the first time since 1923 when a campaign and elections were held in December and it was an obvious success in terms of attendance.

The anti-Brexit field is in shock today, shocked, this is the term used by the British press, and Boris Johnson has a month available because he is organizing the political exit because the negotiated one already exists.

Although there are some frameworks that have been established, there are still issues of interpretation. There are some problems with interpretation. Nationalism could influence the interpretation of those articles, those regulations established with the EU ”, adds Cristian Pârvulescu, political scientist.

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