Verified Google SMS arrives in Spain


Google has announced that verified SMS has reached several countries, including Spain for protect businesses and users from attacks by phishing, a function that complements real-time spam detection.

SMS verification is a function of the Google messages app that allows communication between companies and customers in a secure way, since it identifies by a code the identity of the issuer.

There are already several companies that use this function such as Banco Bradesco, Kayak, Payback or SoFi. In the statement posted on its official blog, Google has also said that Google Pay India and Google verification codes will also be registered in the SMS verification.

Verified SMS is being implemented in the United States, India, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Philippines, Spain and Canada. Google has assured that it will continue to expand this function in more countries with time.

Another update is the SMS spam detection in real time. This function warns the user of suspected spam and insecure websites that he has detected. Google also has requested the collaboration of its users to confirm if it is a threat or not to improve the function.

Spam detection in the Google messages app was already available in some countries, and is now extended by U.S.

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