We are moving towards a Brexit with agreement


President Klaus Iohannis said in Brussels on Friday that he was pleased with the outcome of the UK election, as there is a clear majority to end Brexit with an agreement. The president said that the result is good for Romanians in the UK.

Klaus Iohannis made press statements in Brussels, where the European Council is held, which had as main themes "Green Deal", the multiannual budget and Brexit.

The main statements of President Iohannis:

The main focus on climate issues was to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

Climate neutrality means that we reach such a low level that virtually no climate change occurs. So far, however, we have the intermediate objective, firmly assumed by all the Member States, and Romania is doing quite well.

Nature protection, avoiding a climate catastrophe are extremely important.

We did not get unanimous and the matter will resume in June next year, but we have made progress.

We decided to hand over the preparation of the EU budget to the Presidency of the European Council. From now on, this question will no longer be the responsibility of the rotating presidency of the EU Council, but will be found at the European Council.

I can express my thanks for the result in the UK, in the sense that there is a clear majority that will end Brexit with agreement.

This result is very good for Romanians in the UK because Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his party want to achieve Brexit with an agreement, a good agreement for Romanians, which gives them significant rights. The best option is a Brexit with agreement and we are heading for it.

The Conservative party, led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has categorically won early elections in the UK, according to partial official counters presented by the British press. The pro-Brexit Conservatives have achieved the best result since 1987 and are about to get the absolute majority in Parliament, which will make it easier to get the legislative vote for the agreement negotiated by Boris Johnson with the EU to leave the bloc on January 31, 2020.

The Conservative party, led by Jeremy Corbyn, has suffered the worst defeat since 1935 and so far, according to The Telegraph, and its leader has announced he will resign.

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