"We should feed on the mix of cultures"


The Serie Arena Promises (The 1, Monday 22.40) faces its final stretch, two episodes of finishing their plots, which count the story of a young and inexperienced cooperator who travels with her NGO to Libya (He filmed in Tunisia), where he meets love. But as the spectators have already been able to see, Lucia, who is called that, finds more than just romantic and passionate love.

Lucia goes from nothing to everything, but it's always her … He is a person with little experience and very young, with little clairvoyance. Although it seems an impulsive character to me it is not, what it has is a lot of love inside to give and everything it does is done in a selfless way. The story, everything that lives, his love with Hayzam, the friendship with Fathia … for me that friendship is the true story.

They have filmed abroad, how has the team lived together? Fantastic. Not only with the artistic team, but also with the coach, both Spanish and Tunisian. We were all exhausted after twelve hours of filming and we arrived at the hotel hall and sat down to chat and have a drink, to disconnect. And we were going to sleep very soon, because it was very early in the morning and we had to adapt the shootings to sunlight.

It was a long shoot … It was three months in the desert, in a country that I did not know and that suddenly became my home. We were with the team 24 hours and in the end they became your family and your friends. There were no individualisms, something that happens on other occasions, but that was not the case. We ended up with several WhatsApp groups.

Do all these difficulties distract you from your role? Quite the opposite. Those difficulties made you more aware of your character. It suited me because I focused on the project, I was just on top of that.

It's a series about love, but not just a kind of love … Of course, because friendship relationships are also love relationships, where there is friendship there is love. So Lucia lives several different love stories. With Hayzam it's a love story in the middle of a war, it's not easy at all.

What has been noted the rigor that the creators have wanted to give the series? On an artistic level they have left us quite free. We had no corseting.

There are passion sequences, how do you rehearse a sex scene? He rehearses with clothes, but rather the director sets out the sequence with the actors and the technical team and says where everything should go, what has to happen … and when it is done it is done with the essential technical team and the rest leaves.

It's a series about how difficulties bring out the best and the worst of people … This is what happens to Lucia, but in her house what the difficulties do is to get all the best out of her. They make her realize that she is stronger than she thought. Fight against wind and tide to get ahead there … and survive.

Hasn't that happened to you during that difficult shoot? Personally, it has been a journey of learning and growth that I did not expect. In the end, although it has not been very easy it has also been a beautiful shoot, which we have enjoyed a lot. And we have also survived (laughs).

Of all the photos you will have taken in Tunisia … which one is your favorite? I have one in the Djem, which is a small village in Tunisia that has a mini Roman amphitheater in perfect condition. Like a Colosseum, but small. One day we had free Jairo Sánchez, Thais Blume and I and we rented a car and we went to the Djem and I have a picture on top of it, superchula. I also have another one in the desert, in Tozeur.

There they had an anecdote with the rudeness of the desert, didn't they? We went to Tozeur to shoot the penultimate day and when we arrived we could not record anything because there was a sandstorm in the desert and could not be rolled, they told us that it was dangerous, but that we were calm, that that the next day was fine .

His series are on Netflix, did anyone recognize them? We met some Spaniards who worked there and they recommended a place to eat where the owner knew Catalan, Basque, Spanish, Italian … everything! It was fun.

How was it going back to Madrid? I arrived in Madrid out of place, because they had opened the Gran Vía and after passing heat I came to eat chestnuts (laughs).

What is your trick to not let go spoilers? When you've done a few press conferences, you know where the story is going (laughs). It is necessary to emphasize the important thing, of how the character arrives, what will happen to him at the beginning … or you read the press releases and you know what the producer has said. And with the little you can count on trying to make people want to put on the series.

Who insists more to advance the plots? My friends above all, but they don't get it. I only have three left (laughs).

The series now have a second life in the digital world … And long live the digital platforms and open television. The Cathedral of the Sea has been on Netflix for a year, succeeding, for example.

Have you been left with memories of the character? I have some things that were important to me, such as pants that Lucia wears, which the costume director gave me, who is my friend and I have the boots that appear at the end of the story, which are mine.

And some languages? I did not learn anything from Arabic because it is very difficult. Francesco has triple the merit. In the filming there were many languages. We tried to communicate in English and with gestures, which is understood by everyone.

In three months I would give her time to get to know the local culture, is that so? I have learned a lot, the Arab cuture seems very rich, very beautiful.

Did you find fault with being a country with another religion? In the series the religious theme is not touched, but rather that culture that is the scene of the characters … I hope that there is a mental opening on religions and non-religions. The mix of cultures is important and all human beings should feed on that exchange.

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