Why the FBI recommends that you remove FaceApp from your mobile


FaceApp is one of the applications that became fashionable during the past summer. Through a photo of our face, the application converted our features to see us Aged, like children or with the opposite sex.

Although it seems like a fun application without any danger, the FBI reported last Monday that this and other applications developed in Russia possible threats, as reported by Axios

This threat is related to the data that the application collects, with the privacy policies and terms of use and with the legal laws, which allows the Government of Russia Access certain user data. Thus, the FBI has recommended removing this application and all those developed in Russia from the phone.

Chuck Schumer, United States senator, said in a statement: "I strongly urge all Americans to consider removing applications like FaceApp immediately and proceed with extreme caution when downloading applications. developed in hostile foreign countries. "

The FBI also referred to other foreign applications, such as the famous Chinese application "TikTok" which allows videos to be uploaded with songs, are under investigation by Americans, as it is believed that they could pose a danger to national security.

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