Xiaomi launches its first televisions in Spain with prices of 179, 349 and 449 euros


The brands are associated by default with certain products, although the business aspects include surprises in the sense that they are not so well known. In Spain, talking about Xiaomi suggests first of all mobile phones, a commercial image that the Chinese company intends to expand with its entry into the television market, officially launched on December 2 (at the moment for sale on its website, Media Markt and PC Components). His irruption occurs with the Mi LED TV 4 line and its 55, 43 and 32 inch models (Mi LED TV 4S, in the first two cases, and Mi LED TV 4A), whose price and benefits make them options to contemplate in the mid-range and entry.

The three novelties have a Android TV operating system (9.0 and with the integrated Google Assistant), the approval of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video (with specific buttons on the remote control), among other platforms, and the possibility of mounting on the wall.

Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4S 55 inches

Whenever the price and the place where it is going to be allowed, the tendency is to buy large televisions, hence in the launch of Xiaomi, the 55-inch Mi LED TV 4S stands out first. The star and more ambitious model is characterized by a 4K Ultra-HDR image quality, he smooth movement (avoid blurring in high-speed movement situations, for example an advantage to enjoy games and sports broadcasts), Dolby + DTS sound and intelligent voice control.

The Xiaomi TV remote
The Xiaomi TV remote

The Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4S 55-inch has a 64-bit quad-core processor, a storage capacity of 2 GB of RAM + 8 GB of ROM and ports for Internet, fiber optic, USB (three), HDMI (three), AV input and headphones.

One of the most striking aspects lies in its modern design, with an all-metal body and a careful finish. Its length is 1231.6 mm and its height (base included), 767.3 mm.

Its sale price is fixed at 449 euros, although during the launch promotion it has been reduced by 50 euros.

43 inch television

With a price of 349 euros, the second in the ranks it differs as is logical in the dimensions (959.6 mm long and 608.1 mm high with the base) in addition to the speaker power (2 x 8W, 6 ohms compared to the 10W of his older sister).

The most economical model

By encompassing the entry range and finding yourself at a more affordable price (179 euros), the Mi LED TV 4A model It has different features. It does not have 4K Ultra-HDR, but High Definition, a smaller storage (1.5 GB of RAM), a resolution of 1366 x 768 (compared to that of 3840 x 2160 of the other two) and a sound power of 5W, 8 ohms. Nor is it a metallic body, but it has a black housing backlit.

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