A new video shows two Iranian missiles hitting the Ukrainian plane


A video, whose authenticity has been verified by The New York Times, show for the first time how two Iranian missiles hit on January 8 against the plane of Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) with 176 people on board.

In the video, a first missile is seen moving through the sky until it hits the plane and, about 23 seconds later, it is observed a second missile that hits the aircraft again, that moves slowly across the sky until it appears engulfed in flames.

The video is recorded in black and white and The New York Times use rectangles to indicate where the missiles and the plane are, which appear very small.

The New York Times he has confirmed the veracity of the video, It was engraved on the roof of a building near the rural village of Bid Kaneh, located about seven kilometers from an Iranian military base.

Precisely, one of the commanders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Amir Ali Hajizadeh, has explained that the missiles were launched from a base near that location.

Knocked down "by mistake"

Moment of the supposed impact of a missile against the damaged Ukrainian plane in Iran, in a video capture.

The Revolutionary Guard has explained that the plane, a Boeing 737-800, which covered the Tehran-Kiev route, was shot down "by a human error" shortly after taking off from the Imam Joemini International Airport in Tehran because it was confused with a cruise missile.

The New York Times located the video on YouTube on Tuesday, shortly after an Iranian user would upload it to that portal.

The demolition of the plane, initially denied by the Iranian authorities, has caused rage among the Iranian population, with protests in these last days against the Government of the Islamic Republic.

Given this situation, the authorities have deployed a large number of riot gear in the center of Tehran and in front of the universities.

Several university students died in the demolition of the Boeing 737, in which they were traveling 167 passengers, including 82 Iranians and 63 Canadians, the latter mostly with dual citizenship, and nine Ukrainian crew.

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