A plane is forced to throw jets of fuel over US schools


A plane that was in an emergency situation and was returning to the Los Angeles International Airport (USA) had to drop this Tuesday fuel that affected students from at least three schools local, local authorities reported.

The plane belonging to the Delta company took off from the airfield with 149 passengers on board bound for China but he had an emergency and had to return to the airport.

The images broadcast by local televisions show the plane flying low and throwing jets of fuel that fell in schools in the town of Cudahy, in southeastern Los Angeles County.

The Los Angeles Fire Department said in a statement that following the event served 16 people at Jordan High School and 93rd Elementary School.

The number of affected amounts to more than 40, given that Los Angeles County firefighters served 17 children and nine adults at Park Avenue Elementary, though none of them should have been referred to hospitals either local.

Closed windows

The fact did not deserve evacuation orders, but the authorities, even from surrounding cities like Downey, mostly Latino, sent messages to residents to close their windows and avoid going outside while assessing the emergency.

The school district said on its Twitter account that paramedics have treated those who complain about "skin irritation or respiratory problems".

The Delta company said in a statement that "shortly after takeoff, flight 89 from LAX to Shanghai experienced a motor problem that required the aircraft to return. "

"The aircraft landed safely after an emergency fuel release for reduce landing weight ", The company added.

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