Esty Quesada goes to & # 039; The anthill & # 039; with a shirt honoring Motos: "I hope you don't hit me"


The anthill He received a very special visit Tuesday, that of the youtuber Esty Quesada, better known as 'I am a pringada', and Nuria Roca, a regular contributor to the Antena 3 program. Both presented their new work, a factual series called Road trip. It tells the journey that the two made together for the United States and that will premiere on the TNT channel next Sunday, January 26: "We traveled 2,000 kilometers by car from Florida to New York"commented Roca. of the most curious moments of the interview was when Pablo Motos told his guest that "at this moment I see you happy". And Quesada told him: "I have brought one thing, the same thing I have cast, but well … "." What nerves! What an expectation! "Exclaimed the youtuber, who added to the presenter: "I really like memes and I have brought a special thing for you. I hope you don't hit a punch".While the young woman unbuttoned her shirt, Motos told her that "you made a shirt …" and viewers could see that he was carrying a photo of the presenter doing yoga He had uploaded on his social networks: "It's great, they are going to sell like churros Pablo," the ants said, while Roca added: "It's a wonder.""I put that picture by the expression in my eyes," said the presenter. "It's a very good meme"Quesada replied, and Motos explained that "everything around is sweat. It is a yoga posture that is done with heat." Then the guest commented that she expected it to be yoga, to which Motos replied that "Don't believe that I get like this on Sundays", to conclude with the theme of the shirt.

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