France, Germany and the United Kingdom notify the Joint Commission – 14.01.2020


France, Germany and the United Kingdom on Tuesday announced their decision to notify the Commission set up under the dispute settlement mechanism set up by the Vienna Agreement in the Iranian nuclear dossier, reports Reuters.

This announcement is a direct response to further violations by the Islamic Republic of the agreement to frame its nuclear program.

"We have no other option, given the measures taken by Iran, than to express our concern today that Iran is not complying with its commitments under the JCPoA (the English logo of the Vienna Agreement)," announces in a joint statement the French, German and British Foreign Ministries.

Thus, the three signatory countries of the agreement announce that it "notifies the Joint Commission, in the framework of the Dispute Settlement Mechanism", with the aim of "restoring Iran's full compliance with the commitments" it has undertaken.

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