Gonzalo improves his relationship with Katerina while Susana moves away from Antonio in 'The island of temptations'


The contestants of The island of temptations they take advantage of their first days in the Dominican Republic to meet their suitors, which allows them solve your doubts about them, Either for better or for worse. Thus, Gonzalo enjoys a good relationship with Katerina while Susana, his partner, reflects on what his teammates can bring him in Villa Montaña.

The former contestants of Big Brother 14, who embarked on this experience after six years of relationship, enjoyed their first appointments in the delivery of this Tuesday, although these they didn't taste the same way their respective encounters.

After conversing with Katerina again, Gonzalo said that the model gives him the qualities he looks for in a woman: "You have to be blind to not see that Katerina She is a spectacularly beautiful girl and also very mature, "he said in the confessional. On the other hand, the contestant said that both understand each other" very well. "

Susana, on the other hand, appreciated that her suitor was "giving her ears all the time". In addition, he defined him as a "linear" and "perfect gift" person, so he decided not to have a second date with him. In this regard, the applicant confessed to Lewis that the program was a good opportunity to try new things and get out of the routine: "Gonzalo is going to freak out," He told his new signing.

Gonzalo reacts to Susana's appointment

The presenter of realityMonica Naranjo, showed the contestants some images about the dates their girlfriends had with the singles: "I see her laugh and I see her enjoy. She is very kind, as she showed me. She is not very sociable and very selective. she laughs and enjoys I feel calm", Gonzalo said.

"Susana is in love with me, there is no more. When I am one hundred percent that my partner loves me I have no doubts. The poor thing is not very graceful, there is no more to see him and see me ", He dared to finally value.

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