HRW denounces in its annual report a massive attack by China on human rights, inside and outside the country


The policies of the Government of China, inside and outside the country are a threat to the entire global human rights protection system, denounced on Tuesday Human Rights Watch (HRW), which called on the international community to join to stop Beijing.

"China has obviously long censored critics at home. The government is now trying to extend that censorship to the rest of the world, " assured the executive director of the NGO, Kenneth Roth, at a press conference.

Roth presented the annual report of HRW at the United Nations headquarters, which he originally planned to make known in Hong Kong but could not make deny Chinese authorities access to the special administrative region.

The Chinese government justified its decision by claiming that HRW has driven protests in Hong Kong, an accusation that Roth considered "ridiculous" and "insulting" with the hongkoneses.

"It is frankly absurd (to think) that my colleagues and I have the capacity to mobilize a million people or more on the streets of Hong Kong repeatedly over the past six months," he added.

For Roth, the problem is that Beijing "has terror to admit that there is a genuine desire for democracy in a territory that governs ", especially for fear that it will spread to the rest of China.

This year, the review of the human rights situation made by the New York-based organization pays particular attention precisely to the policies of the Chinese Government and what it considers to be an "intense attack on the global system" of freedoms.

"Brutal oppression" inside

According to HRW, within China the Xi Jinping Government is carrying out the "most brutal and widespread oppression" that has been seen in decades with the objective of achieving "total social control".

Protest of Chinese Uyghurs before the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, in June 2019.

The NGO notes that the authorities have silenced independent journalism, limited the debate on the internet and limited the limited freedoms of Hong Kong.

In Xinjiang Province, Beijing has built a "nightmare" surveillance system to control millions of Uighurs and other Muslim minorities, arresting one million people for their forced political indoctrination, complaint.

According to Roth, technology has become a central element of Chinese repression, with massive privacy intrusions of people through measures such as the forced collection of DNA samples or the use of artificial intelligence to root any dissent.

Taking advantage of the emptiness outside

To curb any reaction from outside to these abuses, China has multiplied its efforts to undermine international institutions responsible for protecting human rights and intimidating other governments, says HRW.

To do this, Roth said, use his growing economic and diplomatic power.

In addition, Beijing is taking advantage of the vacuum left by other powers on the international scene, as a result of the lack of credibility in the field of human rights of US President Donald Trump, given his regular support for autocrats, and of the difficulties of the European Union to achieve common positions.

Thus, China is not encountering major obstacles in denying its abuses and taking action against countries, institutions and companies that dare to launch the slightest criticism.

China responds live

The Beijing Government did not want to wait for the slightest to respond to HRW's accusations and decided to do so at the NGO press conference itself, where a diplomat from the Chinese mission to the UN asked for the floor to ensure that the report of the organization is full of "prejudices" and "montages".

In addition, the diplomat, Xing Jisheng, did not hide at all that the decision to prevent Roth from arriving in Hong Kong was due to his criticism of the Government.

"Given what you said here, I think it is clear to everyone why he has been banned from entering, " Xing snapped at the executive director of HRW.

Roth, meanwhile, challenged Beijing to specify what falsehoods it sees in its report instead of censoring it with general messages.

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