"I have it on a shelf over the sink"


Having your limb amputated is always bad news. There are people who have a bad time, but there are also they take it with philosophy and decide to make humor with it. It is the case of Mark Holmgren, a man from Canada who has wanted to turn his arm into a decorative element.

Over 15 years ago, this 37-year-old motorcyclist had an accident on the road that caused his shoulder nerves to be severely damaged and lost mobility and sensitivity of his right arm.

After several years believing he could recover his limb, he began to think that it would not be so and that look for another alternative. Therefore, he decided to turn the bones of his arm into an ornament.

"I wanted to do something interesting with it," he told the Canadian radio station. CBC. "I've always seen Halloween decorations with skeletons and skulls holding ashtrays and things like that. That's where I got the idea. "

So, after his arm was removed and, after signing the necessary permits to take his limb, he went in search of a taxidermist who acceded to his request. "The first two I consulted refused. They were not willing to work with human parts"he commented to the chain.

Finally, she found Danielle Swift, the taxidermist who runs, along with her husband David, the local Legends Taxidermy & Skulls in the Canadian city of Drayton Valley. "Mark brought my arm but I had to make sure it was his. We don't want anyone to bring limbs of unknown origin, "the woman joked.

Swift treated the arm with colony of beetles that left the bones clean. Afterwards, he bleached and joined them with the help of a physiotherapist, and Mark Holmgren received his limb at Christmas as if it were a gift.

What will the biker do with his arm? He doesn't know yet, but for now he has it in "a shelf on the sink, next to a couple of plants and other things. "" Probably put it on the wall as if it were a painting, "he explained.

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