"I have not seen him again, he did not want to leave home"


A man who went out for a drink on Saturday in the town of La Virgen del Camino, ended falling asleep in a bar bathroom for drinking too much, meeting, upon waking, with the establishment closed.

The man named David, before asking for help, recorded a video – which has already gone viral – showing inside the bar and telling what had happened to him. "I've been locked in the bar and there's nobody here", he explained, ensuring he didn't even know where he was or what time it could be. "It's five in the morning, or six, or seven, or eight, and here I am inside a fucking bar, close and pull ", commented the man, still under the influence of alcohol.

In the recording, David confesses to feeling out of place and not really knowing how he got there, wishing the local alarms would be raised "And let the cop come and take me home." Subsequently, he called the Civil Guard with whom he had a conversation that has also been leaked by the statements of the man in which he claimed to be having a beer.

David told the Civil Guard by telephone that he had fallen asleep at the bar around 12 p.m., falling locked inside. Far from panicking or being overwhelmed, the man chose to relax and wait to be helped. And he did it by throwing a rod at the bar counter, something that he did not hesitate to share with the agents who remained out of place.

José Froilán, owner of the Norton Brewery, the place where David was locked up, can't help laughing at what happened. "The alarm went off, I saw on the cell phone that a client had been locked up and, instantly, the Local Police called me", Froilán tells 20 minutes, confessing that at first he did think that he had been robbed, until he recognized David, a client who "has come a couple of times."

"It happens to everyone sometime," says the owner of the establishment, who says he closed the premises at approximately four in the morning (and not at twelve as the man said to the Police) and that the alarm went off at nine in the morning, so David would have spent the entire night at the bar.

After receiving the warning from the Police, José Froilán went to the Brewery to proceed to 'free' David, who, he says, had already settled in the bar where he "He was taking a cane so quietly." Then he asked the agents to take him home because, according to Froilán, "lives about 13 kilometers "from the establishment.

Lesson learned

Froilán is surprised that he did not realize that when he closed the bar, he was leaving a client locked in the services, although he usually makes sure almost always. "Several have already fallen asleep, which happens that I always find out before closing. There are some who do not wake them up or to mallets," He who owns the Leonese brewery since 2004.

Now, ensure that David does not dare to leave home because of the videos and audios broadcast on social networks and published by several local media. "I have not seen him again. He did not want to leave home. But what else does it matter? Total, everyone knows him here … At least the same tomorrow they call him to go to Big Brother or some sleepover ", says Froilán telling that the videos were disseminated by the friends themselves to whom the man sent the video.

Undoubtedly, these events will serve as learning for both protagonists of such a picturesque story. David will surely try not to fall asleep in the bathrooms of the bars, or at least try to be alert. Y Froilán will check the services every day before closing the premises, to avoid similar situations that, although it has remained a funny anecdote, does not want to be repeated.

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