"I have to pinch myself to believe it"


Fernando Alonso was that he did not believe it when he arrived at the bivouac after achieving his first podium in the Dakar 2020. The Spaniard took advantage of a difficult day to shine in a terrain that, surprisingly, is very good: the dunes.

Fernando Alonso, during the Dakar rally

"It has been an incredible day. I have to pinch myself almost to believe it, "he admitted smiling and tired after a strenuous stage.

"Marc has been magical today. He has sailed incredible. In the last part we saw cars a little lost and we were always on the right track. I am super happy," the Spaniard praised his co-pilot, a Marc Coma who has become his Perfect partner in your first Dakar.

"Without the motorcycle tracks, the two or three cars that we had in front of us have not been able to maintain the cadence of the previous days, and that has benefited us, "said an Alonso who also confessed a small mishap that ultimately did not cost him so much. "We have punctured and that has made us waste some time, but except that mishap the day has been almost perfect, "confessed the two-time champion of the world of Formula 1.

Fernando Alonso, during the Dakar 2020

The irony is that Alonso was not expected to go as well in a field where he is as inexperienced as the sand. "The dunes, despite being something unknown, I like them a lotIn fact it is what I like the most, I don't know very well why. I have managed to print a good pace and have enjoyed. I love this second week, "said the Spaniard, who is approaching the 'top 10' after the big stage on Monday.

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