"I love posturing, I take selfies in the shower, eating or pooping"


Posturing on social networks is the order of the day through numerous users who search in each publication the 'likes' of their followers and increase the number of them.

One of them, Christian, visited this Tuesday First dates: "I really like posturing at all times. I take selfies in the shower, eating and even pooping, "said the dancer and hairdresser.

"I love being the center of attention, a 'drama queen' or a showman"said the Leonese who was received by Carlos Sobera at the gates of Cuatro's restaurant.

His date was Nicolás, a 21-year-old student and model who recognized that "I am affectionate and jealous, very much". The presenter asked him if he liked dancing and even though the orensano said "not much, but if you have to dance, you dance".

During the dinner the little connection between the two became evident, but they didn't do much to achieve it either. And even a comment from Christian surprised Nicolás, who left him out of place.

"Instagram is my second life. They have to be photos that people when they see them say 'my mother, what a photon'. I have come to fill a bathtub with milk and cereals to take a picture"said the Leonese.

"I don't see that normal"Nicolás admitted after listening to his appointment. "I would not do it. I really like posturing, but up to a point"he added.

In the end, the dancer told his appointment that "I have been comfortable at dinner, as if I was with a friend more and especially I liked your hair and your eyes," but added that "I wouldn't have a second date with Nicolás at the couple level ". On the other hand, the orensano would not be left again with the Leon because "It's not my prototype boy".

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