Marlaska places his chief of staff as Secretary of State for Security and ceases the director of the Civil Guard


Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska has elected his Chief of Staff, Rafael Pérez Ruiz, how Secretary of State for Security and 'number two' of the department in substitution of Ana Botella Gómez, within a remodeling of its equipment that includes the cessation of the director of the Civil Guard, Felix Azón, according to the Ca Ser chain, and confirmed to Europa Press Interior sources.

The remaining senior officials of the Ministry of Interior, according to these sources, continue under Grande-Marlaska, including the director general of the National Police, Francisco Pardo Piqueras.

Rafael Pérez Ruiz (Córdoba, 1981) has a degree in Law and Economic and Business Sciences. It is Judge Judge of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) and has been the Head of the Judicial Office Section. In the 19 months of the previous legislature he was the director of the Grande-Marlaska Cabinet.

In his inauguration on Monday, Grande-Marlaska spoke of Rafael Pérez as "bulwark and a basic pillar" of the Ministry. In the act he promised that "he would not lower his head to anything" and thanked the work done by Ana Botella Gómez and the rest of senior positions in Interior.

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