Pablo Iglesias supports the election of Delgado as attorney general


The new Government has made a commitment to begin to walk seamlessly. And, despite the controversy that has generated, his second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, wanted to support on Tuesday in an interview in Antena 3 the appointment of former Minister of Justice Dolores Delgado as attorney general of the State.

"Of course I agree with the decision, as with any decision of the Government of which we are a part," Iglesias said, despite the fact that just a few months ago he criticized Delgado's presence in the previous Executive for his former relationship with former commissioner José Manuel Villarejo, currently incarcerated.

Iglesias admitted that Unidos Podemos did "a very hard criticism" Delgado, but he also praised that he had apologized for his dealings with Villarejo. "And he demonstrated his commitment to the fight against sewers," he added, in addition to denouncing that the PP criticizes the appointment when he elected a general prosecutor, Manuel Moix, who "was dedicated to protecting the corrupt" of the training led by Pablo Casado.

Contacts with Torra

Iglesias also defended the decision of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to meet with the president Catalan Quim Torra despite having been disabled by the Central Electoral Board. "The disqualification is appealable and, in fact, it has been appealed, "and therefore Torra remains presidenthe remembered.

Trust in Brussels

Also, the second vice president was convinced that the EU will not have problems in accepting the repeal of the labor reform. "There will be no problem with Brussels," but in any case the laws are approved by deputies under "national sovereignty," he recalled.

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