Russian model Ksenia Puntus, in serious condition after falling naked from a third floor


Ksenia Puntus, a 21-year-old Russian model who has worked for magazines like Vogue or Tatler, is in serious condition after falling last Saturday from a third floor. As he shared The sun, a sweeper found her at 4 in the morning lying on the floor with little clothes, "growling", "blood cover" and with the body at minus 5 degrees Of temperature.

The young woman was unconscious and the medical teams failed to revive her. But already in the hospital, after two operations and after several hours of admission, came back in yes.

Apparently, the model was in Moscow, on the floor of her boyfriend Andrei Bakov, a 20-year-old grandson of actor and film director Nikita Milhalkov (great supporter of President Vladimir Putin).

"She is aware but can barely say anything because of her head injuries, "said Lilya Chepigina, the model's representative. And Puntus suffered head and chest injuries and has broken some bones of the pelvis, legs and ribs.

According to reports, the Police sealed the apartment from where the young woman fell and opened a criminal investigation, while they are investigating the different complaints for covering up the case.

As police sources told the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, "the man who found the girl was interrogated, as was the owner of the apartment he allegedly visited." But still it is not possible to interrogate the model "due to his state of health".

Declarations faced

Alesya Kafelnikova, friend of the victim and also a model, said Ksenia Puntus "he doesn't remember anything except his name"." It is incredibly sad, we are praying for her. "

Theories suggest that the young woman could have been that night under the effects of different substances and, therefore, he rushed into a vacuum. But her friend said she I did not take drugs and they could have hit her before falling out the window: "This means that her family and friends we know something bad happened to him".

"She was found naked in the bushes not far from the apartment block where he supposedly fell, "said Alesya Kafelnikova."It was clearly hidden. A sweeper found her and called the ambulance. "

"I was at a party with a lot of people I know," said Ksenia Puntus' friend. "But the people who were there with her deny everything and insists that she was taken back home with her boyfriend. "" Most likely, her parents (from Andrei Bakov) do everything possible to hide the truth, "he added.

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