Than poor and sick, better rich and healthy. Verified method to add 9 years to life expectancy


A group of researchers from University College London, UK conducted a study on the causes of aging and their relationship with health and retirement.

The study was published in the Journal of Gerontology.

For this study, the researchers analyzed data collected from over 25,000 people aged 50 and over.

The research data were included in the British Longitudinal Study on Aging and the American Health and Retirement Study.

The scientists did not discover major differences between the UK and the US in terms of life expectancy, but found that the material situation of the subjects had a significant influence on the number of years lived without disabilities.

After 50 years, the most well-off men in England and the United States lived around 31 years of age in good health, compared with approximately 22-23 years in the case of those in the group of men with a less material situation. .

As for the wealthy women in the USA and England, after 50 years they have lived around 33 years with a good health status, as opposed to 24-25 years in the case of women in a material situation. less good.

The team of researchers, led by University College London (UCL), concluded: “Inequalities in healthy life expectancy are present in both countries, with a similar magnitude. In both countries, efforts to reduce health inequalities should target people from disadvantaged socio-economic groups. ”

"While life expectancy is a useful indicator of health, quality of life as we grow older is also crucial. By assessing the expectation of a healthy life we ​​can obtain an estimate of the number of years lived with a favorable health or without disability ”, explained Dr. Paola Zaninotto, main author of the UCL report, according to

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