The US Government orders its agencies to update Windows for a failure that makes their computers vulnerable


The United States government issued an order Tuesday for all its agencies to update Windows operating systems to the latest version, after a vulnerability in the code detected by the National Security Agency (NSA).

"The most important thing you can do to protect your cybersecurity is to update the software and, if you are a Windows user, today is your day, "says the letter from the Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Security Agency (CISA) of the US Administration.

The code fault was detected by the NSA, which communicated it to Microsoft so that the Redmond company (Washington state, USA) could solve it and make available to all users (not only the Government) a updated version.

The vulnerability allowed a hacker access information contained in the computer or spy on activities that were carried out in that system, although from CISA they assured that at the moment they have no record that this ruling has been taken advantage of by any hacker

"CISA has determined that these vulnerabilities represent an unacceptable risk for government performance and require an immediate emergency response, "they said from the agency in a statement, in which they also noted that the code failure has" great potential for endanger integrity and confidentiality. "

Windows 7, without technical support

Precisely since this Tuesday, the Windows 7 operating system, one of the most popular of the past decade, has stopped receiving technical support, which makes those who continue to use it more vulnerable to hacker attacks.

According to the Net Market Share portal, One in every four computers in the world continue to operate with Windows 7, although Microsoft already warned a year ago that in early 2020 it would stop updating the system with new patches as potential attacks or weaknesses were discovered in the software.

Desktop wallpaper with the Windows 7 logo.

In practice, and as happened a few years ago with the popular Windows XP, stop offering updates and technical support will make those who do not change to a new operating system more vulnerable to possible viruses, trojans or attacks by hackers.

According to the most recent data of December 2019, more than half of the desktop or laptop computers in the world have Windows 10, the latest version of the operating system, but a considerable 26.62% still use Windows 7.

The rest is mainly composed of Mac computer users with Apple operating systems, Windows 8 and 8.1 (intermediate systems between 7 and 10 that never enjoyed great popularity), Linux and 2% of users who refuse to leave Windows XP, although Microsoft has no longer offered support for this software for five years.

According to specialized media, the fundamental reason why so many people continue to use Windows 7 is the general satisfaction of users with this operating system, as well as the bad reception that Windows 10 had at first between customers

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