"There are parts where I don't know very well at what speed to go"


The Toyota driver, Fernando Alonso, has completed its fourth stage in this Dakar Rally 2020 that has not been less rugged than the previous ones, but according to the runner himself, the most complicated. Alonso defined as "endless" the final stretch of 150 km the stage of a total of 676 km between Neom and Al-Ula.

Fernando Alonso, during the Dakar 2020

Alonso y Coma's car suffered two punctures During the race, the last of them 150 km from the finish line, and the Spaniard wanted to regret the time lost in that section. "At 150 kilometers of finish we have punctured the last wheels we had, so we went without a spare and we went slowly as a precaution"Alonso explained.

For more inri, according to the pilot himself, much of the route of this fourth stage was by dry river and there were many rocks, so they had to suffer more to travel that section, both for them and for the car itself. "I don't know how fast I should go and today half of the stage was in that field. It's as if in cycling you are a good time trial and today it was a mountain, I knew that I I had to lose a little"he confessed.

Satisfied with his debut

Anyway, Alonso considered himself "happy"Despite the loss of more than twenty minutes this stage."I'm trying to learn a little every day and I'm glad to be here"he admitted.

"I am living it with intensity, as a debutant everything for me is new"

Regarding how he lived this third of the Dakar, Alonso described himself satisfied not having "any expectations" of the race and grateful for everything that involves this experience. "I am living it with intensityAs a debutante everything for me is new. So to absorb everything that comes with enthusiasm. Anything and any detail I live fully and for now it has been very complete. I have had good, bad stages, of punctures, of working as a mechanic … So these four days have been intense in terms of experiences and I am grateful. "

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