"Today, he is the president of the Generalitat"


The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, recognizes Quim Torra as president of the Generalitat despite having been disqualified by the Supreme Court as a deputy and expect to meet him "as soon as possible", before the Inter-Government Dialogue Table on Catalonia starts.

"Today, the president of the Generalitat is Torra ”, Sánchez said in a dam wheel at the end of the first Council of Ministers of the new Government. There, the president has maintained his intention to restart the political dialogue on Catalonia, which will focus on the Bureau between the Government and the Government that committed to ERC to meet for the first time 15 days after the formation of the Government.

Once this has happened, however, Sanchez has not yet been able to specify this Tuesday when will the first meeting of the Bureau take place, even more so when Torra has previously requested a “personal meeting” to be held, despite his disqualification to be deputy for his conviction for refusing to withdraw yellow ties during the 28-A election campaign. “I have told him that there is no problem on my part,” Sánchez has indicated.

The dialogue table, undated

For now, the meeting between the president and Torra still has no place of celebration, Madrid or Barcelona. Then, the Political Dialogue Table will arrive, that will start on a date that Sanchez has not specified on Tuesday, although the agreement between the PSOE and ERC is assessed -15 days after the formation of Government-.

The president has tried to remove iron from the fact that there is not yet a date, something that he explained in the commissioning of the Government, which on Tuesday held its first meeting. "This commitment is being followed, as soon as possible", Sanchez said, who has alluded to a “Question of intent”, that "the ministers take over their departments" to explain that there is still no date.

What it has indicated to be clearer is that the Government will not accept any measure that comes out of "legality", as would be the request that the vice president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonés, he already announced that they will take to the table, where will ask the Government to withdraw from the cases against the process. "The Government always goes to the fulfillment of the law," Sanchez responded to this request.

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