UK Prime Minister rejected Scotland's request for a new referendum on independence


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Tuesday that he rejected Edinburgh Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon's request for a new plebiscite on Scotland's independence, reports the Evening Standard.

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Sturgeon called on London to approve a new plebiscite, but Boris Johnson responded, according to an official letter, "that he cannot agree to a request for a transfer of power leading to additional independent referendums."

Referring to the previous secession referendum, which took place in 2014, the London leader said that "the people of Scotland voted decisively for the promise to keep Britain united."

Sturgeon also said that "before the end of this month," the Scottish Government will respond and decide what further action to take.

Conservatives "are terrified of Scotland's right to choose – because I know that when we have a choice, we will choose independence."
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