Valencia will fence the perimeter of the Lonja in Fallas to avoid vandalism


The environment of the Market of Valencia, emblematic building of the XV century declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, these upcoming Fallas will be armored with a perimeter fence. The objective of the City Council is to protect this jewel of civil Gothic and avoid images of accumulation of waste and urine on the facades that took place at last year's festivities, mainly at the conclusion of the festivals in the area.

As explained by the Councilor for Culture on Tuesday, Glòria Tello, is expected fence the entire perimeter of the Lonja de la Seda with an isolation of eight front and four lateral meters, as established by the Heritage Law, after the good result of the fencing of the door of the previous parties.

This measure will be joined by increased police presence to avoid the bottle, which will be expressly forbidden in the Failure Band of 2020, and to limit the space of the verbenas when these are carried out in environments close to elements of Cultural Interest (BIC), such as the Lonja. In fact, the squares adjoining the monument host acts of this type of several faller commissions that attract a large number of people. These measures will be carried out through the coordination of the Department of Citizen Protection and Festive Culture.

Tello has detailed the device in the presentation of the awareness campaign Respect Valencia, what are you looking for raise public awareness against attacks on historical and artistic heritage from the Valencian capital. Under the motto It's for your sake, the initiative appeals to the responsibility of the neighborhood through communication, participation and collaboration with the educational centers. In addition, as of Tuesday, it can already be seen in urban furniture, in municipal social networks and in the EMT channel.

Tello has lamented the "constant aggressions against the common historical heritage that the city suffers," and highlighted the "numerous efforts and economic resources that must be devoted to repairing the damage caused by vandalism, such as cleaning graffiti or restoring sculptures. and pieces of art. "

In fact, since 2016, 400,000 euros have been dedicated to the recovery of assets, of which approximately 100,000 euros correspond to repairs for acts of vandalism. Going down to detail, cleaning graffiti and graffiti takes an average of 10,000 euros every year.

The Consistory approved in 2016 the Municipal Heritage Recovery Plan was approved, with the objective of restoring and recovering all the heritage elements of the city that were damaged, many of them due to the passage of time, but an important part caused by acts vandalized, the councilor has qualified.

Among the actions that have been carried out within the framework of this Plan, Tello has cited the repair of monument to Teodoro Llorente, which presented a rupture of the drum rod; the sculpture by Gómez Ferrer, from which the right foot had been broken and disappeared; five sculptures of the Jardines del Real, wave bronze model of La Lonja (all this in 2016).

Between 2017 and 2018 the Gate of the Towers of Quart that had been affected by a fire, and the Banc dels Magistrats which is located on the Paseo de la Petxina. Last year 2019 the restoration of the sculptures of the Garden of Monforte and of the Asia and America sculptures of the Parcent Gardens, among other actions.

From the fine to the criminal complaint

The councilor recalled that, when acting against acts of vandalism, there is a punitive line, which establishes fines and penalties and that, in some cases, even reaches the criminal liability (depending on the importance of the attacked good). In this area, the Department of Culture and Local Police work in a coordinated manner and immediately transfer the possible cases to the Prosecutor's Office.

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